A Happy First Birthday to Wild Trumpet Vine

Just about a year ago, Wild Trumpet Vine was launched.  My husband helped me set up the domain and get started.  Without my Chief Technology Officer, I could not have entered the blogosphere, and I owe him thanks. That first night, in a fit of inspiration, I composed the following two elegant sentences: Welcome to my … Continue reading A Happy First Birthday to Wild Trumpet Vine

For the Perfect Mother-in-Law, on her Birthday

I have the perfect mother-in-law. The only down side to this is that I’m unable to participate in the swapping of mother-in-law horror stories.  I’ve heard many such accounts, and other than gasps of incredulity, I have nothing to add.  I’ve  listened in amazement to tales of the mother-in-law who “helps” with the new baby by bellowing … Continue reading For the Perfect Mother-in-Law, on her Birthday

Once Again, Truly Big Snow

  The last snowflakes of the Blizzard of 2016 (aka Winter Storm Jonas) fell five days ago, on Saturday evening.  According to careful measurements by my husband and daughter, we got about twenty-eight inches.  Most of the snow remains very much with us, in far less attractive configurations than the graceful, pristine drifts in which it fell.  … Continue reading Once Again, Truly Big Snow

Exercises in Extreme Gift-Wrapping

Each year at Christmas, my husband presses on in his family’s tradition of extreme gift wrapping. He grew up in a family of resolutely creative wrappers, in which every gift receives special holiday treatment, from the lowliest pair of socks to the largest, most cumbersome, difficult-to-wrap object. Major appliances have been gift-wrapped by his family. … Continue reading Exercises in Extreme Gift-Wrapping