Cork Creatures Join the Pinecone Crew


Our pinecone people needed another, similar species in their community, so we turned to our immense stash of corks. (I can’t imagine why we have so many corks!) For these, we used pipe cleaner arms and legs, which can be bent creatively.  Several wear scarves of narrow wired ribbon.  Some, like their pinecone friends, sport acorn caps, while others allow their wispy yarn hair to flow forth freely.  The cork and pinecone folk live together in a truly utopian society.  The Charles Shaw corks have equal status with their Caymus colleagues, and the subtle differences in pinecone shapes are celebrated.  Harmony and good will abound.  The Christmas spirit flourishes all year long.



A cork mother and her sycamore baby.


With beads and pasta, many cork creature variations are possible.