A Thanksgiving Pig (in Turkey’s Clothing)

Thanksgiving Pig 003

Whimsical, folksy yard art is rare in the suburbs of Northern Virginia.  This sizable, traffic-cone-orange concrete pig that presides over a small residential front yard is therefore all the more unexpected.  Kiko and I discovered the porkturkey last fall when we were walking in an unfamiliar neighborhood.  I laughed out loud, and my little dog was exceptionally suspicious, even warier than he has been of his earlier nemesis, the decorative scarecrow.

In November, as Thanksgiving approaches, the pig dons turkey feathers and a pilgrim hat.  Its beak is partially unfastened, as though to allow for easy snacking.  I have seen the pig without the turkey disguise but not in other apparel.  This year I plan to check on it as various holidays near.  May we expect a Santa pig next month?  A leprechaun pig for St. Patrick’s Day, a bunny pig near Easter?  Has Porky recently shed his Halloween costume? Is he always quite so orange? I will report back as the seasons change.  Meanwhile, I hope you enjoy this cheery, unconventional Thanksgiving pig as much as I do. 

Thanksgiving Pig 001

Thanksgiving Pig 005