Deck the Dog

No theological implications here.  Just a dog too sleepy to mind being wrapped in synthetic greenery.  My daughter has always found it disappointing that Kiko refuses to cooperate and wear the typical doggie costume.  No devil horns for him at Halloween, no reindeer headband for the Christmas photo.  But this year, as we were hanging the stair garland, he lacked the energy to care, or perhaps to protest, when she decided to adorn him, as well. 





Sleep in heavenly peace. 

2 thoughts on “Deck the Dog”

  1. Great pictures! I know sesame shibas are all similar looking, but Kiko and my shiba Bill are identical in the face, chest, legs and facial expression here. I had to do a double take. If you had gotten Kiko in a typical costume I would have been shocked! Shibas 🙂

    1. Thanks! I know what you mean. Shibas are fairly rare in our area, so when I spot one while driving, my first thought is: Is that Kiko? And then the dog stops to stare just as Kiko would. If Kiko isn’t with me in the back seat I feel a little uneasy. Nothing cuter than a Shiba!

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