New This Season: Color

Before I continue with our return to France, I have to celebrate the beauty that surrounds me right here in Virginia.  Spring’s vivid colors are finally here, and after the long gray and white winter, they are more welcome than ever.  Nature, it seems, is dressing for a gala. 

Color! 011

I was accustomed to seeing our Japanese maples covered in ice and snow.  The glowing intensity of their leaves in the sun is like a new revelation. 

Color! 008

While the cherry blossoms along DC’s tidal basin are gone with the wind,  these darker pink cousins are at their peak.


Color! 002

The woods, washed with green and gold.


Our redbud in its hot-pink glory.

Color! 013

No roses yet on the trellis, but plenty of green foliage.


Our lilacs, more plentiful than in years past.