Skeleton Crew

Skeletons 002

Skeletons 015

This Halloween season, our family welcomed Slim and his two charming dogs, Fluffy and Champ. 

Skeletons 010

Ever the dedicated dog walker, Slim takes a load off after a neighborhood hike. 

Skeletons 001

Always up for fun, the jolly trio keeps an eye out for new friends.

Skeletons 005

Slim’s musical talent is prodigious.  Here he entertains with a personal favorite, Scott Joplin’s The Strenuous Life.  Champ taps an appreciative paw to the ragtime beat. 

skeletons 021

Requests, anyone?  He’ll be here all week.  Remember to tip your servers. 

Skeletons 006

A scintillating conversationalist, Slim enchants with tall tales of comedy and valor

skeletons 005

Be forewarned:  he’s a hugger!

Slims sends this message:  Happy Halloween Eve to all!

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