The Lambs and Lions of March

Spring arrived officially on Sunday. Yet here in Northern Virginia, the gentle lambs and roaring lions of March continue to alternate play, as they have all month long. A day of languid warmth and breezes bearing the sweet essence of the Caribbean is followed by one of bracing chill and icy gales. Dim, mist-shrouded dawns give way in an instant to brilliant sunshine and cloudless skies. A late afternoon that would be unremarkable in June is followed by a morning straight out of January, complete with sudden, swirling snow. But of course, this is March, every bit of it: dramatic, capricious, impulsive, dazzling March.

Recent nights have been clear and beautiful. Around midnight, when I’m typically awakened by Kiko pawing at my bed and looking confused, the late-rising moon is relatively low in the sky, enormous, heavy and golden. Just before dawn, it’s high, cold and distant, casting its final shadows on our lawn. And there is Venus, in her usual morning spot, seen glowing brightly from our front windows. Our daughter, ever the stargazer (she minored in astronomy), texted last night that Orion was emphatically visible from her apartment porch. It’s comforting to know that the same moon and stars are shining on her over there in Maryland.

March marches on. We’ll soon say goodbye to this month of many seasons and lightning-fast about-faces. A few more winter days may well tag along with April. No doubt some flashes of deep summer will be summoned, as well. But with luck, the first full month of spring will bring true spring, in all its pleasant, more even-tempered glory.

Welcome spring. We need you.

2 thoughts on “The Lambs and Lions of March”

  1. The title certainly reminds me of several things. I am sure I’m not the only person thinking of the scriptures of Isaiah from chapter 11 in the Bible. Also, there’s a beautiful song that comes to mind by Journey called ‘Winds of March.’

    I kind of like unpredictable weather, with the exception of earthquakes, tornados, and floods, lol. I lived in South Florida years ago and missed the wonderfully dramatic change in seasons I experienced in Atlanta. I have heard that some people who live in Hawaii actually get bored with the nearly perfect year-round weather!

    Just a guess, but Kiko could be pawing at your bed to make sure you’re asleep before sneaking out on the town for a drink, lol! I had a dog named Jason that would sneak out the screen door on the porch and take off for hours after I turned off the kitchen light for the night.

    I hope this will be a very joyful spring that will surprise us with the end of the war in Eastern Europe.

    The photos are lovely!

    1. Yes, the lamb and lion of March remind me of that paraphrase of Isaiah 11, as well. The words also never fail to bring to mind an image of a cute paper plate craft that my daughter made one March in preschool, with a lamb on one side and a lion on the other.

      I agree that changeable weather may be enjoyable, except for the extremes you mention. I find March’s bright sunshine and cold breezes invigorating. I’d certainly miss a change of seasons. Virginia has four nicely distinct seasons, although the lines are getting blurred in recent years.

      Interesting point about Kiko. Maybe he’s only acting confused and elderly so I won’t notice when he sneaks out late for wild nightlife!

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