Sun’s Rays Fall on Northern Virginia!

When the sun reappeared yesterday, I felt like a kid in school welcoming back a close friend who’d been out sick for a week.  Judging from the number of walkers and runners (with and without dogs) in our neighborhood, I wasn’t alone.  Today, after a foggy start, the sun is shining on us again, painting lawns and trees with golden highlights.  In this slow-moving fall season, a few touches of color are beginning to be revealed.


The brightest dash of fall color in our yard is offered by the leaves of a sassafras tree, shown here against the trunk of one of our big silver maples.

The yellow leaves and prolific seed pods of this old redbud tree testify to fall’s approach.

A sweet-smelling river of pine straw flows past our house every October.


This time of year, Kiko is outside as often as possible,
camoflaged in pine straw the color of his fur, perhaps hoping to trick a squirrel.