Ice Sculptures

We awoke yesterday to the beginnings of the first snow of the season, falling lightly but steadily, as predicted.  By the afternoon, tiny ice pellets had muscled out the snowflakes.  The  emergency announcement of Monday’s closed schools arrived early enough for our daughter and her friends to rejoice heartily and take advantage of the snow day before the snow day.

This morning, the sliding, swishing, crashing sound of falling branches served as our  alarm.  I looked out to see a substantial chunk of one of our silver maples settling in across the driveway.  The white pines were bowed down, heavy with ice.  Tree branches and foliage had been artfully and glisteningly encased in silvery elegance.  It was beautiful, but treacherous, as tree limbs continued to crack and fall all around. 


Each pine needle received its own individual ice casing.


The white pines took on a hulking, menacing aspect.


Our iron fence got a frosty make-over.


Dogwood branches resemble frozen feathers.


Party lights and red maple branches.


Ribs of ice, frozen on this branch at a striking angle.


Strands of an ice-covered spider’s web.


Oak leaves, tough and persistent, appear uninclined
to give in to the pull of their ice jackets.


The fallen maple branches, ever-prepared, were already in bud.