Spring Greening, Spring Nesting


Despite fierce winds that brought wintry temperatures back to Northern Virginia over the weekend, the greening of spring continues unabated.  


The vines of our climbing roses are lacy with delicate green-gold leaves sprouting from new shoots, reddish in color. 



The bare winter vines atop the trellis, until recently a study in austere grays and browns, have become a mass of verdant green. 


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A determined pair of mourning doves has staked out a sheltered nesting spot under the eaves atop the trellis.  We watched, concerned, as they began to carry twigs and pine straw regularly through the treacherous vines.  My husband considered doing some strategic pruning to provide a more accessible entry point.  He decided against it, fearing that the doves might be alarmed and abandon the nest.  They seem to have an uncanny way of avoiding the thorns.  Or a strong drive to ignore pain in their instinct to further the species.  We’re pulling for them, hoping their valiant efforts will be rewarded.  As spring proves every year,  life goes on.