Fall Color: The Final Days

It’s a mild but gray day today here in Northern Virginia.  Some mixture of snow and rain is predicted for tomorrow.  It’s as good a time as any to pay homage to fall’s jewel box colors, soon to be washed away. What a beautiful season it’s been.


Kiko and I took our morning walks through landscapes of green and gold. 


On a recent foggy morning, this multicolored maple seemed to be lit from within. 


Until a day or so ago, our Japanese maples blazed with a glorious red intensity. 


Not to be outdone, other maples put on leaves of golden sunshine. 


This ginkgo’s canopy of yellow has become a carpet of yellow, perhaps equally lovely.  


My daughter, an inveterate leaf-tosser, celebrates the season amidst the fallen leaves of a sugar maple outside our church.   

Kiko 020

Kiko, basking in the November sun, is content to model a cap of pine straw. 


Enjoy these final days of fall color!  We may be in for an icy white winter!