Deep Blue November

November here in northern Virginia is veering far from stereotype.  Not yet, at least, for this month, the dull, drab grays and beiges most often associated with it.  Skies have been vividly, strikingly, deep blue, setting off gilded leaves and white, sharp-edged clouds to dramatic effect. 

November 006

Waiting to pick up my daughter after play rehearsal,
I  had time to appreciate this dazzling skyscape.


Last Sunday, the steeples of our church gleamed brightly against a backdrop of royal blue.


Lacy bronze and gold oak leaves, highlighted against November blue.


Set against a blue velvet sky, the lines of this old schoolhouse
appear as sharp and clean as cut paper.   


As evening approaches, azure fades to turquoise, and clouds of molten metal stream in.  While the word “awesome” suffers from overuse, it perfectly describes recent November sunsets.

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