Snow Day # 10



Just as predicted, more snow.  And yes, schools are closed again.  This is a gorgeous, fluffy snow, the kind that appears to coat tree branches with cotton puffs.  While I got my fill of the white stuff several snow days ago, this one occurs at a welcome time.  My daughter returned yesterday morning from her annual drama trip to New York City.  It’s a twenty-four hour excursion, from 4 AM Saturday to 4 AM Sunday.  They saw the musical Pippin, did an improv workshop, toured the theatre district and went to the Top of the Rock. D slept until early afternoon but was still exhausted.  Today is a much-needed catch-up day, a time to ease back, slowly, into her regular schedule.  A 5:30 wake-up in our house is never pretty, but it would have been frightfully ugly this morning.  Thank you, St. Patrick’s Day snow!

On a sadder note, the kids may be in school until mid-July.