Return of the Skeleton Crew


It’s that time of year again.  As Halloween nears, our friend Slim, who engages in quiet meditation in the spare bedroom eleven months out of the year, comes out to play.  His loyal pooches Fluffy and Champ are by his side and ready to frolic. 


Slim 018

Slim 020

Slim 021

With Slim out and about, our family is blessed with another errand runner.  And designated driver.  We need more Halloween candy, Slim insists, so he’s off to the store.  Kiko, ever the happy passenger, prepares to ride along.   

Slim 022

Kiko reminds Champ to buckle up.

 Slim 024

Slim 046

 Be a good boy, Kiko, for Uncle Slim! 

Slim 027

Here’s what Slim says:  It’s the night before Halloween.  Be ready for fun!

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