The Old Homes of Key West

Spring break approaches, and I have yet to complete my intended posts from our winter break three months ago in Key West. (For previous Key West posts, see here, here,  and here.)  I’m going to try to get them out before Easter.  Here goes. 

Among my reasons for wanting to visit this southernmost spot in the U.S. has always been its architecture.  I loved what I’d seen of this small city in photos, its narrow streets jam-packed with a fanciful variety of frame houses, from tiny shotgun homes to grand mansions.  Key West’s densely constructed historic district is one of the largest in the country.  It did not disappoint.  I found it a great pleasure to wander the picturesque streets in the January warmth, gazing at unique, quirky homes.  Most have shady, inviting porches and small gardens lushly planted with exotic, often supersized foliage. I only wish I could have had Kiko by my side.  I think he would have loved the atmosphere.  What follows are some of my favorite Key West homes, all privately owned and meticulously maintained. 











2 thoughts on “The Old Homes of Key West”

    1. You’d love it, Jill. I sure did! So many interesting old homes, and the tropical setting doesn’t hurt, either.

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